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Windshield Chips and Cracks Repairs | the Complete Guide

Every active motorist had, at least once, encountered with a cracked windshield. Whether it was from small stones thrown at you by the car in the front or something falling on your vehicle, car windshields are easily damaged. Even though it is annoying to have a stone chip in your line of sight every time you sit behind the wheel, the good news is that you don’t always have to change your windshield. In some cases, you don’t even need to call the professionals; you can even do it yourself. To help you with that, here’s all you need to know about windshield chips and cracks repairs.

Can Windshield Chips be Repaired?

Right from the start, yes, they can! Even bigger ones can be mended without taking the glass off the car or jeopardizing the windshield’s structural integrity. The process is not that complicated, and after the repair, the glass looks good as new. Of course, you cannot repair holes in a windshield, and if you have pieced glass, you are looking at a full replacement.

Cracked windshield

Can Windshield Cracks be Repaired?

Even though windshield crack repairs use the same technique, it’s a bit different. Smaller cracks are easy to repair, but for the bigger ones, like the ones that stretch the glass’s length, there is no easy fix. Also, be advised that small cracks can become bigger quite quickly if not attended immediately. Vibrations of the car will cause the crack to extend and ultimately make it unsafe for use.

How to Repair Windshield Chips and Cracks by Yourself

The best way to do it is to buy a windshield repair kit. You can easily find cheap models online. Those products usually consist of a special syringe, a sealing resin, and, sometimes, depending on the type of resin, a UV lamp to cure the resin. All you need to do is clean the glass’s surface, insert the resin into the syringe, and inject it into the chip or crack. Once done, place the UV lamp over the crack and leave it there for a couple of minutes.

Be careful not to have any air bubbles in the resin since they will be visible later on. If you did everything right, the crack or chip should be fully covered and invisible.

DIY windshield chip and crack repair kit
DIY windshield chip and crack repair kit.

How Does Mobile Windshield Repair Work?

In case you cannot repair your windshield cracks or chips yourself, and you simply don’t have time to take the car to the repair shop, then a mobile windshield repair service might be the solution you are looking for. Lots of companies offer this kind of service, and all you need to do is call the company, and they will come to you and repair the damage on the spot, either at home or at your workplace. It is very convenient if you are a busy person but also life-saver if your windshield is damaged and unsafe for driving. In that situation, they can come and repair it by the side of the road if needed.

How Much Does A Windshield Repair Cost?

The average windshield repair cost is upwards of $100, including the labor. However, the replacement can cost up to $1,500 for some models plus the cost of the installation, which takes longer than a quick repair. Of course, in some cases, replacement is the only solution, but repair makes much more financial sense.

Chip in Windshield Repair Cost

If you decide to repair the chip yourself, you are looking at only a few dollars for the repair kit (most of them cost only around $5) and half an hour of your time. However, if you take your car to a specialist shop, they can charge you significantly more. If the chip is not particularly big, we suggest you repair it yourself since it will be more or less the same as a professional repair, but you will save a lot of money. If the chip is broad and deep, maybe it is best to leave it to professionals, though.

Professional stone chip repair service
Professional stone chip repair service.

Crack in Windshield Repair Cost

Like the chip repairs mentioned previously, you can find windshield crack repair kits for as little as $5 and repair it in a matter of minutes. However, if the crack is severe, a DIY kit might not be enough to fill the whole crack. In that case, we strongly recommend you ask a specialized repair shop for advice. Some will even give you an estimate over the phone or email with only a picture of your cracked windshield.

Mobile Windshield Repair Cost

Mobile windshield repair services are often the most convenient solution, but you have to know that it is also the most expensive. The benefits of having your windshield repaired right at home or workplace will set you back the price of the repair plus an additional fee. Expect to pay over $150 for mobile windshield repair and, in some cases, a lot more.

Car Insurance and Windshield Cracks/Chips

Basic car insurance packages often don’t include windshield or glass coverage, but we strongly suggest you pay an additional fee and have it included in your policy. As you probably know, windshield damages can happen at any time, and you want to have peace of mind knowing that if the windshield gets chipped or cracked or even fully broken on your new car or prized classic, you’ll be covered. Some insurance companies also have their own mobile windshield repair specialists, which will repair your vehicle on the spot.

Last Words

Although annoying, windshield cracks and chips are no big deal and, in most cases, can be easily repaired. DIY kits are affordable, and there is no reason you should pay for professionals to do something that you can easily do in your driveway for a few bucks and basic tools. That being said, for significant damages, it is always smart to ask a specialist first. Of course, the smartest thing of all is to drive carefully and get yourself an insurance package covering the windshield and glass repair/replacement just in case.

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