Porsche 935

You Can Now Have a Carbon-Fiber Porsche 935, Worth $1.7 Million

The Porsche 935 is one of the most famous racing cars in the German manufacturer’s rich history. The vehicle followed the FIA-Group 5 rules at that time and finished second at the legendary 24h Le Mans. Now, you can have your hands on a modernized carbon-fiber version of the 935. That is if you have $1.7 Million burning in your pocket.

The carbon-fiber version we are talking about is actually one of only 77 units actually produced. Porsche announced in 2018 that it will produce modern-day 935s, and this is one of the most pristine samples. The car currently shows 60km (37-miles) on the odometer, which is a new car, in my book.

You might have noticed the “modern-day” trait I try to attach to the 935. That’s because this is actually a Type 991 GT2 RS, with a different body. Not that I complain – the GT2 RS is a monster of a car. Moreover, Porsche did an excellent job of copying the design of the original.

The 1978 935/78 Moby Dick’s elongated body is here in its all glory. The back is adorned with a large wing, just like the original, while the sweeping lines tie everything together. Porsche created an unquestionably retro look, but one that still catches a lot of attention.

Porsche 935

Indeed, the matte carbon-fiber cladding helps tremendously here. It looks threatening, to say the least. Not that it shouldn’t – this is a racing car after all. I must admit, though – Porsche did an excellent job with the orange aero caps. Matte black and orange always work well together. Kinda reminds you of the world-renowned Harley-Davidson palette.

Oh, and the up-to-date 935 will certainly not lack grunt. The 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged flat-six engine produces 690-horsepower. Unlike the original, Porsche chose to go with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission this time. And, with such a powerful engine, I think that’s a great solution. You certainly wouldn’t want to use a standard manual transmission in a 690-hp car.

Sadly, you won’t be able to impress your neighbors with the 935 anytime soon as it can only be driven this car on a track. On the bright side, the vehicle has a 115-liter fuel tank, a roll cage, and an escape hatch in the roof.

Not bad for a billionaire toy.


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