Land Rover Series III

Zero Labs Outfits Land Rover Series III with Electric Vehicle Components

After releasing its EV Ford Bronco, Zero Labs continues with another electric conversion of a classic vehicle, the Land Rover Series III SUV, and it’s just awesome!

The Land Rover Series III Zero Labs edition will be brought in two versions, Classic and Beach. The Classic model will come with a traditional hardtop, while the Beach variant will have a removable hardtop/soft-top option. However, both versions will come with a wholly re-engineered chassis suitable to fit the new electric powertrain along with an independent suspension.

Talking about the powertrain, customers will be happy to know that it’s possible to choose between a single rear-axle 300 HP electric motor or dual 300 HP motors all-wheel-drive setup.

The California-based company intends this new model to be a fusion of modernity while maintaining the 20th-century vibe of the original Series III, and the fresh twist is surprisingly pleasant to the eyes. While commenting on the Series III’s design, Zero Labs mentioned that their foundation of identity is entirely based on nostalgia. Hence, they intended to stick as close as possible to the original design.

Land Rover Series III Interior

They further mentioned that “together, they are how we keep our past alive… classic vehicles represent this concept better than anything. But they are endangered. For a clean energy future – EV start-ups can’t remake the past. OEM’s won’t remake the past… surviving classic vehicles are either sold off at higher than ever prices to private collections or die waiting for a future that won’t come. For most classics, the story ends the same way. They will no longer be driven except in rare displays of proud defiance.’

Orders can be placed right now, and deliveries will begin in 2021. Unfortunately, the 1971-1985 Land Rover Series III Zero Labs edition will definitely not be for every budget. The price tag attached to both variants starts from $185,000 without customizations.

Still, the Land Rover Series III Zero Labs edition it’s so amazing that it’s safe to bet that customers will probably be waiting in line to get their hands on one, despite the high initial cost.

Land Rover Series III


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